While it seems that racing seats are only meant for racing cars and only professional racers can use them, the truth is that they can be installed in commonly used domestic cars too. It must be understood here that a seat in your car and one at home are two completely different things. While a chair or seat in the house might be meant for sitting, the one in your car is meant for your safety. It has to be built in a way that it provides safety to the person seated and driving. The safety purposes are best served by a racing seat.
Racing Seats

Why Racing Seats?
Racing seat has to be the top choice when you are considering safety as the primary goal. These seats are designed and contoured to provide protection to the persons seated. Furthermore, the seat belts and other safety equipment with them also keep the driver in his/her position firmly. A seat belt that you see in your family car is not enough to provide the necessary safety during racing. The safety requirement of seats that are designed for racing demand that the driver be seated and fully immobilized for flawless control on the vehicle.

What To Look For In Racing Seats?
There are a lot of things that you must keep in mind when looking for racing car seats. There are certain aspects that you must be wary of before making your decision.
• If you are able to move in your seat, this is not a good seat.
• Your arms should be at a perfect distance from the wheel so you are able to steer the car without having to lean forward and move your shoulders.
• The seat in your car should not provide protection only to your legs, arms or shoulders. It should provide you complete safety for your whole body. Only the seats that provide full body protection can be trusted in case of crashes and accidents.
• The driver should be completely immobilized. See the jet fighters and how they are tied to their seats as an example.
• Crash and stress tests are conducted for every seat designed for racing. If your seat hasn’t gone through these tests, avoid it.
Bride Racing Seats
If you look at the seat that’s in your car right now you will realize that it is meant for providing comfort to your body. It does not hold you tight and your body is fully free while driving the car. To keep you in your position and attached to your seat firmly bucket seats were created. Racing bucket seats are designed like a bucket i.e. you sit in their deep structures as if you were sitting in a bucket. You can feel the comfort and safety as soon as you are in a bucket seat. These seats are available in all the different colors and designs so the factor of looks and stylishness is never taken away from your car. If you are thinking of buying a seat for safety for your car, bucket seat has to be the first choice.
A Few Recommendations For Best Racing Car Seats
Recaro racing seats are the best seats you can find in the market. Whether you are in a store or online, the first name you should be looking for is Recaro. This company has been making seats for a century now and has made many achievements during this long span. Some of the best automotive makes in the world use seats made by this company. They are great at making safe racing seats that are durable and stylish both. Look for these seats right away if you are on a hunt right now.
Bride racing seats are also among the best contenders when it comes to seats that are meant for racing and fully fledged safety.
Another company that mainly focuses on making the seats for safety in the car is Kirkey.
Recaro Racing Seats
Fully tested seats made by Kirkey are available from various online websites. These are some of the most trustable seats in the market.
These seats are designed for full body protection including the back, ribcage area, legs and even the head. The good thing is that these seats fit most of the cars so you can go for a Kirkey racing seat regardless of the make of your car.

People On A Budget
Safety is the right of everyone and only because you don’t have a big budget doesn’t mean you should not have a safe racing car seat in your vehicle. The best option for you in this scenario is to go for used racing seats. Used seats are easily available from many online websites. Buying a used item can be a bit tricky. Just make sure that no components of the seat are broken because this is a serious issue. Keep esthetic beauty secondary during your purchase.

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