There’s a lot of stuff that you need when you have motorcycle and rain gear is one of those items. You won’t be riding in the most pleasant weathers every time. Sometimes you have to get out in rain. It doesn’t matter how lightly the rain is falling, you will feel double the impact when riding a motorcycle. You might be carrying sensitive items in your clothes too i.e. bank documents, credit cards, receipts, cash, smartphone etc. All these items must be saved from the rain and there is an entire motorcycle rain gear designed to protect you from it.

Motorcycle Rain Gear
First, rain suits are mostly found in bright and striking colors the case with motorcycle rain suits is same. Most of the times, you will come across two piece rain suits that include the upper and the bottom i.e. jacket and trouser. First thing you would want to look at when buying rain gear for riding a motorcycle is that it should be lightweight. Winds will be pushing against you and the water will make your suit heavier. You could be in a lot of trouble if your rain suit is already heavy. It must be 100% waterproof, its external surface should be made of polyester and Velcro flaps are the best things to have on these suits.

Another important thing to consider here is that your suit will make you extremely warm since it won’t let much air pass through or any at all. Look for suits with cooling vents located in the right locations considering the rain suit must not lose its purposefulness. Under the arm is the best position for the vents. One essential feature that you must not miss is the reflective surface of the suit. There must be some reflective surface on the suit so you can ride at night and be seen easily by other drivers on the road.There are many other important clothing items that you should consider buying if you are a motorcycle rider. Some important clothing items include the following:

Clothing You Should Have As A Motorcycle Rider
First, you must have a motorcycle jacket. The jacket is designed for many purposes, not just esthetic beauty. It protects your upper body and arms from sun burns and the burning heat on the road. Racing jackets are specifically designed to give you some protection during crashes and accidents. They often have padding around shoulders and chest area for the protection of the rider. The arms of racing jackets are long and are designed to let the rider sit in a comfortable position on the motorcycle. In short, this jacket should be checked for fitting by wearing it and sitting on the motorcycle in the riding position. Women’s motorcycle jacket is pretty much the same but has more esthetic beauty.

Motorcycle backpack is another important item that must be considered by all motorcycle riders. However, you often see people not taking much notice of the backpack. Your backpack provides you extra space to keep some important and additional parts of the motorcycle in it. Furthermore, you can carry water, food and other important items in it. It is best that you choose a backpack that is not harmful to your shoulders and doesn’t hurt your back after wearing for a long time. It should also have a waterproof shell so you can put things in it during rain.

Motorcycle vest is often considered by riders who live in warm climates. A jacket can be very discomforting for them since it blocks all the wind. A vest has no arms and thus provides more comfort in hot and heated conditions. However, vests are also great for stylishness and looks. They provide a lot of flat surface with their flat panels so you can put fancy stickers on them. When considering motorcycle trousers you must keep in mind that they are designed for many different purposes. For example, you can buy trousers that are designed to protect you from abrasion, fire, water etc. You can buy denim, leather or textile trousers. Each material has its own pros and cons.

Nothing could be more fun than having an attention grabbing patch on your motorcycle. You can buy patches that stick to your jackets and vests too. However, your motorcycle has a lot of space on it to put patches. You can buy all kinds of patches, from motivating to satiric. The good thing is that you can have your own motorcycle patches too. You can have them custom designed and choose the font, text and style yourself. These patches can be ordered from online websites or you can find a store nearby too. They are available in small and large sizes. Outlaw motorcycle patches are very famous among bikers. You are urged not to have offensive stuff written on the patch though.

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