Congratulations if you have bought your own motorbike. It’s now time to buy the gear that provides you protection while riding the motorcycle. The most important of all is the motorcycle helmet. Choosing a motorbike helmet is not a difficult task but missing out on a few important details can make you pick the wrong one – something you never want when buying any safety or protection item.

Different people have different preferences when buying a motorcycle helmet but the best motorcycle helmet is one that fits perfectly and provides the necessary protection you need when you are on the road.
Motorcycle Helmet There are many different types of motorcycle helmets to choose from. The first thing you must know before picking one is the difference between a road bike helmet and an off-road helmet. Some people prefer to buy one that makes them feel comfortable and provides them enough fresh air while riding. Here are some common choices to choose from:

The Many Different Types Of Helmets You can always buy a basic motorbike helmet if you are on a budget but if you prefer style, more protection and have a big budget to afford an expensive helmet, the options are many. First, you have to narrow down your choice by deciding whether you want a full face helmet, half helmet or a quarter helmet. Here you must understand the difference between open face helmet and a half helmet.

Half helmet will be a complete half i.e. it will only cover your head part from the middle up and look like half moon with flat side down. On the other hand the open face helmet is more like a full helmet with an opened front side so your face is fully visible when you are wearing this helmet. Riders doing a lot of off-road riding require the motocross helmet, which is often wrongly referred to as motorcross helmet. This helmet has a long chin area, a lip to protect riders from sun and a wide field of view so goggles can be worn easily with the helmet. This is a full face type of the helmets.

You can also buy the racing helmet that is designed to give a very comfortable fit on the face. This helmet is also called sports helmet and it is a full face helmet with lightweight construction but no fancy components on it. You can also buy the half helmet but there are many security concerns that make them less safe than full face helmets. You can find them as motorcycle half helmets and also with the name shorties. If you are serious about safety and protection, they might not be the best ones for you. A dirt bike helmet is another great choice when you want a stylish looking helmet and you ride off the road too. However, dirt bike helmet is just another name given to the motocross helmets.
Open Face Helmet

The most revolutionary and impressive road bike helmet is the dual sport helmet. As the name suggests, this helmet is meant for dual purposes. Whether you like to ride in the mountains, on sandy dunes, in the streets, on highways or all of these places, the dual sport helmet is there for you. It combines the features of off-road and on-road helmets in one place and is extremely reliable. They are also called hybrid and adventure helmets.

How To Buy The Best Motorcycle Helmet The first thing you must know when buying a helmet is that it meets the necessary law requirements pertaining to motorcycle safety in your country or state. For example, in US you would want to see the DOT sticker on the helmet before making a purchase. DOT stands for US department of transportation. They have provided certain guidelines on helmet protection and these standards must be met by the helmet you are buying. Retention, impact protection and penetration protection are some factors that are considered among many standards set by DOT.

Next thing in the line is fit. You must buy a helmet that fits your head shape perfectly. A head shape can be oval, long oval, intermediate oval and round oval where round oval is the roundest. Your helmet should be a perfect fit; not loose or tight fit. If the helmet is too loose you can’t expect any protection from it. Furthermore, it will keep rattling when you are riding the bike, causing annoyance and irritation. Too tight and your helmet will give you a headache. Your head should easily move in and out of the helmet and you should feel comfortable after wearing it. If you start to feel suffocated in small ones, go for open face helmets.
Motocross Helmet

Last but important, you have to look at the cost of the helmet too. Don’t be too thrifty when buying a protection gear. It is meant for your protection and to save your head in life threatening accidents. So, paying a little extra for some extra protection is not a bad deal at all. If your budget is fine or when you are looking for a gift for a passionate rider, try to give a novelty item. Go for a vintage motorcycle helmet or Harley helmet. These are mostly half or open face helmets but they can be extremely attractive due to their design features and cool looking paints and stickers.

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